Dear friends,

I am writing on behalf of the Game Preservation Society, dedicated to the important work of preserving our nation’s classic video games. We are holding a fundraiser to purchase a Fujitsu fi-7600 archival scanner, which will be invaluable in our mission.
This specialized high-end scanner will allow us to create digital copies of aging media such as game magazines, manuals and other documents. The fi-7600 is unmatched in its ability to digitize damaged, faded, or degraded materials while still maintaining precision and detail. For the fragile documents of past decades, this technology is essential.
The classics we strive to preserve defined generations of culture and advancement for Japan. They represent our history as a pioneer in interactive entertainment and technology. It is our solemn duty to maintain accessibility to these landmark works before they are lost forever.
We cannot accomplish this imperative work without support. I humbly request that you consider donating to our fundraiser for this urgently needed scanning equipment. Together, we can ensure that the cherished games which have shaped our society are preserved for future generations. Please join us in protecting our nation’s interactive legacy.

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Joseph Redon
Game Preservation Society

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