Media: NHK World (TV)
Title: Inside Lens – Game Preservation, the Quest
Date: 10/28/2016
Type: Documentary (28 minutes)
Language: English
In Fall 2016, NHK World produced a documentary on the Game Preservation Society.
This film investigates the daily preservation activities of the organization.
Many topics are discussed by Joseph Redon and Takuya Fukuda, including the society’s origins and the importance of preserving video games.
English subtitles are available by clicking on the CC/Settings icon of the video.


Media: BBC World (radio)
Title: Outlook – A Frenchman’s Video Game Obsession
Date: 11/01/2016
Type: Interview (8 minutes)
Language: English
Broadcasted in 2016 on BBC radio.
During this 8-minute interview, our president Joseph Redon talks about his passion for video games and the mission of the Game Preservation Society.


Media: TBS (TV)
Title: ZOKKON ♥ Japan – Rediscover Japan
Date: 08/16/2016
Type: Talk-show (7 minutes)
Language: Japanese
Broadcasted in 2016 during the TV show “Tokoro-san no Nippon no deban!” (rediscover Japan with George Tokoro).
The Game Preservation Society and Joseph Redon’s activities are presented.